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Boost Your Operations with Expert Co-Managed IT Services in Pennsylvania

Elevate Your IT Capabilities with Co-Managed IT Support, Eliminating Excess Overhead

Is your business’s technological growth outpacing your in-house IT team’s capacity? Are support tickets piling up, leading to system downtimes and missed opportunities? It’s time to empower your IT staff with the additional support and expertise they require through our Co-Managed IT services.

An it admin and it consultant shaking hands in a server room.

Overcoming the Hurdles of an Overburdened IT Team with Co-Managed IT Services

Your business’s efficiency and security hinge on the smooth operation of your technology – from networks and devices to email systems. Relying heavily on a small IT team can put your operations at risk, especially when they’re bogged down with daily troubleshooting and unable to focus on strategic IT planning or cybersecurity threats. This is where our co-managed IT services bridge the gap, offering the scalability and expertise your business needs to thrive without the need to hire additional staff.

An it admin frustrated with all the it issues.
Two it professionals working together.
An it admin showing their server rack.
Transformative Co-Managed IT Support

Our Co-Managed IT model partners your existing IT team with our managed services expertise, creating a symbiotic relationship that enhances your technological capabilities. Here’s how our co-managed IT services benefit not just your IT department but your entire organization:

  • Immediate, Expert IT Support: With our responsive help desk, IT issues are resolved swiftly, ensuring minimal downtime, even when your IT personnel are unavailable.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Gain the extra hands and expertise your IT operations need without the financial burden of expanding your in-house team.
  • Advanced Cybersecurity: Our comprehensive cybersecurity services, including multi-factor authentication and threat detection, fortify your defenses against digital threats.
  • Technical Expertise: Benefit from our team’s extensive experience across all IT disciplines, enhancing your network configuration, cybersecurity, and more.
  • Strategic Technological Guidance: Beyond day-to-day support, we provide strategic consulting to optimize your IT infrastructure, aligning technology with your business objectives for maximum efficiency and growth.

Securing Your Success: Cybersecurity for Co-Managed IT Solutions

Our co-managed services extend beyond immediate troubleshooting and strategic planning. We offer:

  • NOC Services: Continuous monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure.
  • Patch Management: Keeping your systems up-to-date with the latest security patches.
  • Monitoring and Alerting: Proactive alerts for system issues, allowing for swift resolution.
  • Asset Reporting: Detailed reports on your IT assets for informed decision-making.
  • Extended Service Desk Hours: Access to our service desk from 9 AM to 9 PM for extended support.
  • Project Design and Deployment: Expertise in planning and implementing IT projects.
  • Cybersecurity for Co-Managed: Enhanced security measures for comprehensive protection.
  • Remote Management Tools: State-of-the-art tools for efficient remote IT management.
  • vCIO Services: Virtual Chief Information Officer services for strategic IT planning and advice.
It support expert helping a network admin.

Empower your IT team and enhance your business operations with our expert Co-Managed IT services. Reach out today to discover how we can help you achieve seamless technology integration and strategic growth without the need to expand your in-house team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Co-managed IT support is a collaborative service model where your business gains the expertise and resources of an external IT provider to complement your internal IT team’s capabilities. This partnership enables us to jointly oversee, maintain, and enhance your organization’s IT infrastructure and operations. 

Unlike full IT outsourcing, which transfers all IT duties to an external provider, co-managed IT services empower you with the flexibility to retain control over your IT environment. Our role is to provide your in-house IT staff with additional support and expertise, merging the strengths of both teams to optimize your IT operations.

Our co-managed IT services are tailored to fit your unique needs, offering a range of responsibilities that can include network monitoring, technical support, cybersecurity measures, data backup and recovery, software maintenance, cloud solutions, and IT vendor coordination. We collaborate closely with you to identify how our services can best augment your existing IT team.

Choosing the right co-managed IT partner is essential for achieving your business goals. We prioritize understanding your business inside out and maintaining open lines of communication to ensure our services align perfectly with your objectives. Our commitment to building a trusted, enduring partnership is evident through our willingness to share client testimonials and references, showcasing our dedication to client satisfaction and success.

Wondering whether Managed IT Services could be the perfect fit for your business?

We get it – delegating your IT to an external party can be difficult. To ease this process, we provide a complimentary consultation to help you delve deeper into our offerings and how they might benefit your business.

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