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Microsoft 365
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Microsoft 365 Managed Services

Transform the way you work and communicate with Microsoft 365 for your business, offering you the flexibility to operate from virtually anywhere on any device. Say goodbye to inconsistent versions of Microsoft Office across different devices and embrace a professional business email with your own custom address. Microsoft 365 brings together all the familiar Office applications (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) with cloud-based productivity tools, ensuring access anytime, anywhere. It’s user-friendly and, with our expert setup, incredibly straightforward to integrate into your daily operations. Microsoft 365 Business plans are tailor-made for small businesses, featuring flexible per-user subscriptions to perfectly match your needs without excess.

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What Microsoft 365 Business Offers

  • Business-Class Email: Enjoy a custom email address and hosting with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Up-to-Date Microsoft Office Apps: Access the latest versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • Communication Tools: Utilize Microsoft Teams for video calls, meetings, chats, and file sharing with both your team and customers.
  • Cloud File Storage: Benefit from 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage for easy file storage and sharing.
  • Company-Wide Intranet: Use Microsoft SharePoint for secure, centralized file sharing without the need for a VPN.
  • Advanced Security Features: Keep your data secure and protect your email from threats with Microsoft 365’s robust security measures.
Advantages of Microsoft 365 Business
  • Professional Appearance: Stand out with a custom email address (, elevating your professional image.
  • Essential Office Apps: Gain full desktop versions of essential Office apps, or opt for mobile cloud versions for secure, on-the-go document management.
  • Work Flexibility: Achieve true mobility with cloud file storage, allowing you to collaborate and share effortlessly, regardless of location.
  • Boosted Productivity: Stay connected with your team through video calls, chat, and shared calendars, ensuring seamless collaboration across the board.
  • Always Current: With automatic updates, rest assured that you’re always using the latest, most secure versions of Office apps.
  • Effortless Integration: Forget complex setups; we manage the migration process smoothly, making the transition seamless for you.
  • Reliable Performance: Rely on enterprise-level reliability with Microsoft’s dedicated servers, boasting a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and receive comprehensive support from RDCS as a certified Microsoft Partner.
  • Cost-Effective Plans: Explore our budget-friendly subscription plans, designed with small businesses in mind, ensuring you only pay for what you truly need.
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Expert Guidance on Microsoft 365 Plans for Your Local Business

Microsoft 365 extends far beyond the familiar Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel, offering a suite that can revolutionize your business processes. However, its vast array of features often remains underutilized, with businesses not fully leveraging the suite’s capabilities.

As Microsoft Certified Partners, we at RDCS specialize in empowering York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and Allentown small businesses with tailored Microsoft 365 business plans. Our goal is to ensure you access the suite’s comprehensive benefits, combining affordability with powerful functionality.

Trust us to guide your business through Microsoft 365’s extensive offerings with a professional, customer-centric approach. We’re here to unlock efficiency and innovation for your business, ensuring you make the most of this dynamic suite.

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Microsoft Defender for M365 Your Ultimate Cybersecurity Solution

In today’s digital landscape, where threats are constantly evolving, Microsoft Defender for M365 offers unparalleled protection against a wide array of cyber risks, including malware, phishing, and ransomware. Our solution is crafted with your security in mind, seamlessly integrating with all Microsoft 365 services to ensure comprehensive protection across your digital ecosystem.

Key Benefits of Microsoft Defender for M365:

  • AI-Driven Threat Intelligence: Harnessing Microsoft’s vast global cybersecurity insights, Defender for M365 swiftly identifies and neutralizes advanced cyber threats, keeping your business securely ahead.
  • Seamless Integration: With flawless integration across Microsoft 365 services, it ensures that every digital corner is safeguarded, offering a cohesive security experience.
  • Compliance and Security: Beyond robust defense mechanisms, Defender for M365 aligns with industry compliance standards, providing a dual advantage of security and regulatory adherence.
  • Centralized Management: A user-friendly dashboard simplifies threat monitoring and incident response, empowering businesses with control and decisiveness.

Choosing Microsoft Defender for M365 means embracing peace of mind. It signifies trust in a cutting-edge solution backed by our unwavering commitment to excellence, prompt service, and continuous improvement. As your partner, we promise a professional, reassuring, and customer-focused approach, ensuring your business is not just protected but also thriving in the digital age. Let us be your shield in this ever-changing cyber landscape, highlighting our reliability and dedication to your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft 365 Business is a comprehensive, subscription-based platform that integrates familiar Microsoft Office applications with advanced email hosting, cloud storage, and a suite of productivity tools designed to enhance business operations.


Our Microsoft 365 Managed Services involve overseeing your M365 environment to ensure its security, optimal configuration of policies and services, and providing dedicated support for your organization and employees.

Navigating Microsoft 365’s extensive array of over 1,000 settings and policies can be overwhelming for those without technical expertise. As certified professionals, we handle all the intricate configurations, allowing you to harness the full benefits of the platform effortlessly.

Yes, Microsoft 365 Managed Services are a part of all our offerings. However, our premium plans feature enhanced security measures and integrations for an even more robust experience.

Microsoft 365 Business is built on a foundation of stringent security measures. It includes Exchange Online Protection to shield your email from spam, phishing, and malware threats. With over 1,000 security and privacy controls, it ensures your data’s protection, giving you complete authority over access to your business information.

Wondering whether Managed IT Services could be the perfect fit for your business?

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