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Cybersecurity Services to Protect you Business in Pennsylvania

Safeguard Your Business with Managed Cybersecurity Services. Stay Ahead of Hackers, Stay Secure.

In an era where traditional cybersecurity measures no longer suffice, it’s crucial for businesses to adapt and evolve. Firewalls and anti-virus solutions, while essential, fail to fully combat the increasingly sophisticated cyber threats we face today. The rise of remote workforces, lucrative ransom payments, and advanced hacking strategies underscore the need for comprehensive cybersecurity services, particularly for small businesses.

Cybercriminals are consistently on the prowl, ready to exploit vulnerabilities, steal sensitive data, or even lock you out of your own systems. These attacks can lead to substantial financial losses, with small businesses often being prime targets due to their lack of preparedness.

At RDCS, we aim to bolster your defenses by offering a variety of robust cybersecurity packages designed to keep you one step ahead of potential threats. As a customer-centric, professional, and reliable local cybersecurity company, we’re dedicated to securing your network, managing cyber threats, and educating your team to ensure your business remains safe.

Man's hands using laptop with cybersecurity protection.
Two rdcs customers smiling as a hacker is stopped due to the layers of rdcs cybersecurity services.

Your Trusted Cybersecurity Services Provider
Comprehensive Protection for Your Business

Investing in strong IT cybersecurity isn’t just about warding off attacks; it also builds client trust, enhances employee engagement, and ensures compliance with federal requirements. Remember, the contemporary business landscape demands modern solutions – and we’re here to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

The graph below show the amount of 2023 Data Breaches by industry. These insights will help you better understand the current cybersecurity landscape and why our services are essential for your business’s safety and success.

Here at RDCS, we specialize in providing top-notch cybersecurity services for small businesses, grounded in the principles of the NIST Framework. This tried-and-tested approach allows us to manage cybersecurity risks effectively at every stage:

2023 data breach investigations report showing the amount of incidents per industry.
Rdcs nist cyber security framework version 2.

Each stage of this framework demands a distinct strategy, specific tools, and precise action. By meticulously studying and implementing these approaches, we help your organization minimize the chances of a cyberattack and ensure swift recovery if an incident does occur.

Proactive Cybersecurity Services
for Small Business

Cybersecurity Audits
Icon of computers and mobile devices with a magnifying glass depicting inspection and security.
Multifactor Authentication
Icon of a laptop sending multifactor authentication prompt to user's phone.
EDR Endpoint Detection & Response
Icon of a laptop with a shield and lock.
24/7 Monitoring for Threats
Icon of a monitor with a 24 hour symbol.
Advanced Threat Detection
Icon of a laptop with advanced security controls.
Identity Management
Icon of a computer user's identity with a shield.
Password Management
Icon of a secure password on a laptop.
Change Management
Icon of a hand holding a gear representing change.
SIEM Security Information & Event Management
Icon of a policy with green checkmarks and a red symbol depicting critical.
SOC & ThreatOps
An icon of it support staff working side by side.
Icon of 1s and 0s depicting encryption with a lock and key.
Mobile Device Management
Icon of computers and mobile devices.
Cybersecurity Awareness Training
Icon of a shield with a gold lock with two circles orbing it.
Email Security
Icon of a shield with an email inside.
Phishing Simulations
Icon of a computer with an email on the left and a symbol of malware on the right.
Firewall Management
Icon of a wall with a flame in the middle.
Penetration Testing
An icon of a router with a cloud, a gear, a wi-fi symbol, and a shield.
Patch Management
Icon of a monitor with updates installing on the screen.
IT Policies
Icon of a clipboard holding policies.
Automated Network Defense
Icon of a policy and two gears turning in opposite directions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cybersecurity services encompass protective strategies and software applications aimed at safeguarding businesses and personnel from cyber threats and malicious software.

As per studies, human error contributes to 74% of all cybersecurity breaches. Phishing emerges as the primary mode of initial attack, implicated in 41% of incidents. Over 80% of reported security incidents are attributed to phishing attacks, and emails deliver a staggering 94% of malware. (Sources: Verizon, IBM, & CSO Online)

A notable increase in cyber threats has been observed by 97% of organizations since the onset of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in 2022. (Source: Accenture)

In 2023, a data breach investigation report revealed that financial gain was the motive behind 97% of threat actors. A data breach can lead to an average loss of $1.3 million for a company, with information loss accounting for 43% of total costs, making it the most expensive aspect of a cyberattack. (Sources: Verizon & IBM)

Cyberattacks happen at an alarming frequency, with hackers launching around 26,000 attacks daily. (Source: Forbes)

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