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Experience unparalleled peace of mind with our Managed IT Services, designed to keep your operations running smoothly around the clock. Our proactive 24/7 monitoring ensures your systems are always performing optimally, while our rigorous patch management and maintenance services keep your technology up-to-date and secure. Leveraging advanced automation, we detect and resolve issues proactively, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Our commitment to excellence in service delivery embodies a customer-focused approach, reassuring you of our unyielding dedication to your business’s success.
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Managed Services for Small Business

Experience seamless, efficient, and secure business operations with our Managed IT Services. We provide round-the-clock Remote Monitoring, identifying and resolving issues proactively before they impact your operations. Our Expert IT Support team is always on hand to assist with technical concerns, ensuring minimal downtime.

We utilize advanced IT Automation and scripting to streamline processes and optimize efficiency across your network. Our Network Management services ensure a robust and reliable infrastructure, while our comprehensive Cybersecurity management and regular audits protect your data from threats.

Our Cloud Solutions provide flexible and scalable storage options, tailored to your business needs. In unforeseen circumstances, our Business Continuity plan ensures your operations remain uninterrupted.

We maintain Ongoing Documentation of your network and computers, providing valuable insights into system performance and potential areas for improvement. Our solutions are Scalable, designed to grow with your business.

Customer focus is at the heart of all we do. We prioritize rapid response and resolution times, minimizing disruption to your business. With Multiple channels of communication available, we’re always just a call or message away.

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Why Managed Services?
Why not Break/Fix?

With our proactive Managed IT Services, we guarantee consistent system performance and maximum uptime. We deviate from the traditional reactive Break/Fix model, ensuring your business enjoys regular and proactive IT maintenance and system checks. Our approach is designed to anticipate and mitigate potential issues, offering you a smooth and uninterrupted operation.

Our services eliminate the unpredictability and variability of costs associated with the Break/Fix model. With our subscription-based pricing, we provide your company with clarity in budgeting, thus helping you avoid any unexpected IT expenses. Trust us to deliver top-tier Managed IT Services that not only meet your needs but also surpass your expectations.

Managed IT Services

  • Proactive monitoring 24/7
  • Automated Maintenance
  • Consistent and predictable costs
  • Regular system checks and updates
  • Expert IT support
  • Scalable solutions tailored to business growth

Break Fix

  • Reactive approach can lead to more downtime
  • Variable costs which can lead to unexpected expenses
  • Support only available when an issue arises
  • Potential for delayed response times
  • Limited scope for scalability

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Frequently Asked Questions

Managed IT Services, provided by a Managed Service Provider (MSP), involves the proactive upkeep of your organization’s IT infrastructure. Essential services include system monitoring, IT consulting, strategic planning, and prompt issue resolution.

Unlike the traditional “break/fix” IT approach, where you seek help only when a technology system fails, Managed IT support is more comprehensive and proactive. We typically install monitoring software on your network to constantly check the health of all your technical assets. This ensures that your computers, servers, and network are always updated with the latest patches, operating system updates, and cybersecurity. With 24/7 monitoring, any potential issues are detected and resolved promptly based on your preferred response time. Managed IT Services provide a more proactive, thorough, and reliable IT solution for your business.

If your current provider anticipates and resolves IT issues before they become problems, offers a predictable pricing model, and provides regular system maintenance, they are likely providing Managed IT Services.

Managed IT Services offer numerous advantages over the traditional Break/Fix model. They provide proactive support, ensuring potential issues are identified and resolved before they cause downtime. This model also offers predictable monthly costs, eliminating unexpected IT expenses. Additionally, Managed IT Services provide continuous system updates, expert IT support round the clock, and scalable solutions tailored to your business growth.

Opting for a technician who charges an hourly fee to address a technical issue, upgrade your systems, or manage a project may seem straightforward. However, this approach typically provides a one-off visit and a single-use solution. At RDCS, we believe in delivering more than just a temporary fix. We strive to provide continuous, proactive service that caters to your evolving IT needs. Our commitment is not limited to solving immediate problems but extends to preventing potential issues, ensuring system upgrades, and managing your projects efficiently. With us, you’re investing in a lasting partnership, not just a one-time service.

At RDCS, we ensure a seamless onboarding process within 30 days. This lets us fully understand your IT environment, identify key systems and personnel, and secure essential credentials. Our transition to Managed IT Services is designed for your convenience, and we want to ensure minimal disruption to your operations. With our professional, reassuring, and customer-centric approach, we’re more than a service provider; we’re your dedicated partner in navigating your IT needs with excellence and reliability.

Absolutely! Our team of IT experts can conduct a comprehensive audit of your existing IT services. We’ll assess your current IT infrastructure, systems, and processes to identify the services you’re currently using. This will enable us to recommend improvements and tailor our Managed IT Services to suit your specific needs.

Consider a switch to RDCS for your IT needs – it’s not only smart but also cost-saving and efficiency-boosting. We’ll handle all the nitty-gritty, right from chatting with your old provider to ensuring a smooth transition. We know change can feel like a big step, but our dedicated team is right beside you, ensuring everything runs without a hitch. Our mission? To supercharge your IT environment while delivering top-notch service that makes you feel confident in choosing us. We’re all about combining professionalism with a personal touch, and we’re dedicated to being there for you every step of the way.

Our prices are very competitive and will be more than some, and less than others. We’re all about transparent costs, proactive support, and strategic planning to prevent costly issues. Our friendly yet authoritative approach builds trust with our clients and is focused on professional excellence and customer satisfaction. With RDCS, you’re investing in smooth IT operations, letting you focus on what you do best.

Wondering whether Managed IT Services could be the perfect fit for your business?

We get it – delegating your IT to an external party can be difficult. To ease this process, we provide a complimentary consultation to help you delve deeper into our offerings and how they might benefit your business.

If you’re ready to make the switch, our skilled team will work with you to create a plan that aligns with your business. Feel free to CONTACT US now.