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Before you replace your slow PCs…

In a business environment, the productivity and efficiency of your team are crucial. However, slow PCs can hinder their performance and impact overall business productivity. Before investing in new devices, consider these strategies to optimize Windows 10 and 11 computer performance.

Restart Your Computer
A simple restart can work wonders by clearing background processes and memory data. This basic step often resolves common performance issues, especially after prolonged use.

Manage Startup Apps
Disabling unnecessary startup apps can speed up your computer’s startup process. Sorting apps by their “Startup impact” in Settings and turning off unnecessary apps can save valuable system resources.

Disable Restartable Apps
Turning off the feature that saves and restarts certain applications during reboot can improve your computer’s speed, especially for not regularly used apps.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps
Removing unused or unnecessary apps can free up space and resources, ultimately enhancing performance.

Choose Software Wisely
Please be careful when installing software and stick to reputable apps in the Microsoft Store, as they have thorough reviews for security and performance.

Prioritize Optimization
Before you think about device upgrades, please take the time to optimize existing Windows computers.

Our team can thoroughly assess your systems and address any hidden issues if you prefer professional assistance. Get in touch for expert support.

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