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Windows is the prime target for cyber criminals

With its massive dominance in the workplace, Microsoft’s Windows has become the prime target for cybercriminals. They’re looking to access your information, disrupt your business, or hold your data for ransom.

Tens of millions of attempted malware attacks were discovered throughout this year, and a massive 95% of those threats were targeted at Windows.

Most attacks are unsuccessful, but those that do succeed can create havoc for the affected businesses. You must be sure that you’re taking all possible precautions to protect your business and data.

  • Hardware and software companies release regular updates to address Windows users’ threats and security patches explicitly designed to deal with new risks. These should all be installed as soon as they become available.
  • Your people should be regularly trained in how to spot cyber security threats and what to do if they suspect one.
  • It’s not possible to protect every business from all threats, so it’s also essential that you have a strong resilience plan in place.

    This plan should detail exactly how your business should react if it falls victim to a cyber attack and who should be notified to take action. Everyone in the company should have access to this document and know to report any potential attack as quickly as possible – that’s the best way to lessen its impact.
  • If you have an IT service provider, they’ll be able to make the best recommendations to keep your business safe and secure, train your people, and even provide monitoring to spot any potential danger before it becomes a problem.

    We work hard to secure our clients every day. So if we can help your business become more resilient, just get in touch.

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