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5 Copilot Upgrades Boosting Teams Productivity

Teams and copilot logos with two arms flexing.

Elevate Your Team’s Efficiency with 5 New Copilot Features in Microsoft Teams In the quest for peak team productivity, Microsoft Teams is set to revolutionize the way we work with its latest suite of Copilot enhancements. For those eager to amplify their team’s output and streamline processes, these updates are a game-changer. Transformative Meeting Dynamics … Read more

Boost Efficiency with Microsoft Edge – Top 5 Features

Two muscular arms coming out of a laptop with the microsoft edge logo.

Improving productivity is an ongoing journey for business leaders. Every enhancement, no matter how small, can lead to significant advancements in how we manage tasks and communicate. Leveraging the tools at our disposal is critical to this process. Your web browser, often seen merely as a gateway to the internet, holds untapped potential for boosting … Read more

A little change that makes a big difference

Microsoft’s recent update to Windows 11 brings a seemingly minor yet significant adjustment that could enhance your team’s workflow considerably. In this update, Microsoft has relocated its reliable AI assistant, Copilot, to a more accessible spot on the taskbar. Now nestled on the far right of the taskbar, within the ‘system tray area’, it’s readily … Read more

This new search feature in Edge is a revolution

Hello there, Microsoft continues to impress us with a steady flow of new features. This time, they’re enhancing our online search experience on the Edge browser. If you’ve been contemplating a switch, this update might be the nudge you need. Edge is now equipped with a unique feature, announced by Mikhail Parakhin, CEO of Advertising … Read more

Here’s what’s in store for the last ever Windows Moments update

Microsoft is gearing up to launch its latest Windows 11 update, affectionately known as “Moment 5” or the “February 24 Moment.” Set to roll out in the coming weeks, this update promises some significant changes that are well worth watching. But before we delve into the details of Moment 5, let’s talk about a big … Read more